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Setting up a business in India may come across as a lucrative business idea. However in the absence of a thorough business plan that looks into every aspect of business implementation, it may be difficult to bring the most enterprising startup idea to realisation.

SKP’s experienced business consultants help chalk out an effective business plan that takes into account financial considerations, business industry specifics, available business opportunities and other peculiarities of doing business in India.

It’s not just about a few business tips for the India-bound investor. The business plan is meant to be a systematic and meticulous study of the business process involved.

With this end in view, SKP’s business consultants first devote time to understanding the client’s unique requirements. Based on this first-hand knowledge our consultants proceed to painstakingly debate various capital structuring options and the choice of entry vehicles, keeping in mind the client’s interests.

What’s more, chalking out an effective business plan helps clients articulate their business goals, forcing them to ponder over details of the setup process that may have been hitherto ignored. The resultant business plan serves as an effective blueprint, guiding the setup process and preventing undesirable deviations from the set goals.



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