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Over the years, SKP has assisted over 1,200 clients from over 45 countries in doing business in India and abroad. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, entities listed on global exchanges, private equity/venture capital–owned companies and family-owned businesses. Here are a few examples of our work where we've helped our clients in dealing with the various complexities of doing business in India and abroad.

Market research for a Japanese automotive glass manufacturer

Engagement: SKP was engaged by a Japanese automotive glass manufacturer who had been evaluating the Indian market for a manufacturing set-up for a long time and required key inputs on the industry dynamics and feasibility of entering India.

Preliminary Mandate: Initial research on the automotive glass industry in India

Solution/Value Delivered
Our team assisted the client in defining their requirements following multiple rounds of discussions before finalising on the initial (vague) mandate. This was based on basic research by bringing together the following elements:

  • Market Assessment: Conducted  market research to understand the market dynamics in the primary and after-market space and also to assess the regulatory environment
  • Competitive Evaluation: Assessed the focus markets, existing and planned capacities, pricing and operating strategy for major players in the industry
  • Identification of Market Niches: Assessed the existing business and regulatory scenario (and impending changes) to suggest possible areas that the company could focus on
  • Government Interaction: Scheduled and prepared for meetings between the client and key officials/decision-makers in the state government
  • Facility Set-up Costing: Created detailed reports for possible costs (and other requirements) for the set-up of automotive glass facilities at key locations in India.

The client acknowledged the work done by the SKP team; however the decision was to put their India investment plans on hold for some time owing to the business scenario and the client’s other project plans.