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Over the years, SKP has assisted over 1,200 clients from over 45 countries in doing business in India and abroad. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, entities listed on global exchanges, private equity/venture capital–owned companies and family-owned businesses. Here are a few examples of our work where we've helped our clients in dealing with the various complexities of doing business in India and abroad.

Market research for a leading Japanese automotive group

Engagement: A leading Japanese automotive group was evaluating the localisation requirements of their proposed entry into India for manufacturing compact cars and wanted to understand the sourcing strategy of a leading Indian automotive player.

Preliminary Mandate: Initial research on Tier-1 suppliers of the Indian original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

Solution/Value Delivered
SKP provided in-depth information and intelligence on the sourcing methodology of the Indian competitor. Our deliverables included:

  • Detailed study of major Tier-1 as well as Tier-2 auto component manufacturers, including an assessment of their operational and financial capabilities.
  • Meeting with companies to understand their capabilities and also identifying their interest to partner with new companies. This was done to establish the current product capabilities and to identify sourcing possibilities for the client.
  • As part of this assignment, we also obtained pricing information of various parts that were made available to the OEM by component makers.

A well-researched study of the Indian compact car space and the sourcing strategy of a leading compact car maker was provided.