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Over the years, SKP has assisted over 1,200 clients from over 45 countries in doing business in India and abroad. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, entities listed on global exchanges, private equity/venture capital–owned companies and family-owned businesses. Here are a few examples of our work where we've helped our clients in dealing with the various complexities of doing business in India and abroad.

Assisted an NGO in determining the fair value of its brand

Engagement: SKP was approached by a non-profit organisation formed with the objective of promoting poultry meat consumption and obtaining remunerative prices to farmers to determine the fair value of its brand that was to be exchanged on commercial terms.

Regulatory valuation support for an Indian real estate private equity fund

Engagement: SKP was engaged by a large Indian real estate fund to perform a fair valuation of its investments across India for various commercial and regulatory purposes such as buy-back of shares, issue/transfer of shares under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) guidelines, estimation of SWAP ratio in case of a merger and demerger.

Advised a Japanese conglomerate on a joint venture in India

Engagement: SKP was engaged by a multinational company in the glass industry with annual sales of more than USD 2 billion for advising on a proposed joint venture with a target company in India.

Assisted an overseas investor in a business disputes valuation

Engagement: A leading Indian law firm approached SKP to value equity shares of a joint venture, in connection with an alleged breach and violation of the terms of the joint venture agreement resulting in disputes and differences among the shareholders.

Assisted a German customer-care-solutions provider in a joint venture in India

Engagement: The client was a leading provider of customer-care solutions for electronic devices to manufacturers, insurance providers, mobile network operators and retailers globally based in Germany. SKP was engaged by the company to assist them (with Financial Due Diligence) in acquiring a majority stake in a Mumbai-based company providing managed care services to smart phone manufacturers and an Apple authorised service provider in India.

Helped a Swiss chemical company choose a structure for setting up in India

Engagement: A Switzerland-based company in the chemical industry wanted to set up a business unit in India. The company was trading with a business house in India with similar lines of business and it wanted to set up a unit that would serve as a replacement of their Indian trading partner.

Tax-efficient supply chain for a leading consumer products company

Engagement: SKP was engaged to develop a tax-efficient supply chain for a leading company in the consumer products industry. Due to their inefficient supply chain management, the client incurred excessive tax and other costs resulting in low profit margins.

Tax health diagnostic review for an Indian polymer manufacturer

Engagement: One of India’s leading polymer manufacturers faced leakages in their system of collection and payment of taxes, irregular compliances, etc. due to inadequate knowledge of various provisions under the law. They approached SKP to analyse and identify the implications from an indirect tax perspective.

Minimised tax costs of a relocation project for a healthcare company

Engagement: A leading healthcare company wanted to relocate its office premises. As a part of the relocation project, they had to set up new workstations for employees, storage racks, etc. in their new office. The project was subjected to various taxes, some of which (such as service tax and VAT) came under the umbrella of indirect taxes.

Transfer pricing policy for a leading international shipping firm

Engagement: Formulating a transfer pricing policy with respect to transactions with its subsidiary (agent of foreign company in India) that minimises the overall taxes of the group