We are happy to launch SKP Forensic Insights, our very own Forensic App!

The SKP Forensic Insights app provides the latest publications, videos, tips and presentations along with forensic news from across the globe. Our aim is to keep users aware, informed and alert about incidents of fraud and non-compliance and support businesses in their efforts to minimise fraud and corruption.

Besides presenting the latest information in forensics, the app has engaging infographics and quick facts which assist with fraud detection. It will also keep you updated on the events to watch out for, capture important speaking engagements as well as highlight other forensic initiatives.

Why download SKP Forensic Insights:
-Stay updated with the latest forensics publications, videos and news across the globe
-Get perspective on incidents of fraud and non-compliance 
-Get guidance on conducting an investigation
-Get quick facts and tips which assist with fraud detection







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Download the app to explore forensics at your fingertips.

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