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Corporate   Services
SKP Tricor
Corporate Services

The SKP Tricor Corporate Services team offers subsidiaries of foreign companies in India the option of freeing themselves entirely from the burden of accounting, payroll, tax and regulatory compliances. Our processes are conducted methodically in line with globally accepted standards. Our team takes on all back-office functions, providing an integrated service, with a single point of contact. Thus, our clients can be assured of quality services that not only help reduce cost and free up managerial resources, but also offer peace of mind and the freedom to concentrate on core business functions.

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We can manage your finance & accounting (F&A) processes by:

  • Setting up complete accounting systems
  • Managing the preparation and signing of cheques
  • Liaising with banks
  • Book-keeping and general ledger management
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Preparing year-end financial statements
  • Reporting to parent companies
Payroll Management

Payroll processing, while a fairly mundane operation, requires to be conducted efficiently within the stipulated time frame. Often, companies find it difficult to recruit and retain suitable personnel. Our services include:

  • Processing salaries
  • Generating pay slips and reports
  • Calculating tax deductions
  • Handling other compliance matters
  • Organising payments to employees through direct bank transfers
  • Compiling year-end tax reports
Company Secretarial Services

Efficient secretarial services are essential for handling the numerous management tasks such as organising documents, gathering information, keeping track of deadlines, analysing reports, etc. Our services include:

  • Keeping clients updated on the latest amendments
  • Organising member meetings from sending meeting notices to the minutes
  • Organising board meetings
  • Maintaining statutory books and registers
  • Arranging share allotments and transfers
  • Ensuring a smooth change in company names/directors
  • Managing amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Filing statutory forms and annual returns
  • Organising the certification and attestation of forms and documents
  • Arranging for Director Identification Numbers (DIN)
  • Arranging for Digital Signature Certificates (DSC)
Tax Compliance

Compliance with the plethora of regulations in India is made twice as complex due to the frequent amendments made by the government, quite often in an attempt to simplify the process. SKP Tricor brings together experts on various aspects of tax and regulatory compliance who work with perfect coordination to chalk out strategies to reduce compliance risk. In addition, clients also enjoy cost savings on account of management time saved and reduced litigation expenditure. Our team also keeps abreast with the dynamics of the business, tax and regulatory environment and educates clients about amendments and insights through a series of updates and alerts.

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