The Team

Manoj Gidwani

Vice President - Global Marketing


As the head of SKP’s Global Marketing and Communications function, Manoj is responsible for our overall marketing strategy and operations. He plays a pivotal role in the service expansion and innovation at SKP, by leading multifaceted marketing initiatives that strengthen our global presence, as well as by designing effective go-to-market strategies for new services. Manoj plays an important role in building, standardizing, and communicating our brand. Manoj uses his exceptional interpersonal skills land intellectual agility to establish and maintain strategic relationships for the organization.

A Chartered Accountant by qualification, Manoj is a homegrown leader with over 20 years of experience supporting cross-border businesses. His work with global organizations spans business consulting, business establishment, Greenfield and India-entry support, and global expansion advisory. He has extensive experience in cross-cultural interactions and has been instrumental in building relationships with companies across the globe.

Manoj leads Nexia International’s Business Group for Global Expansion and Financial Outsourcing. He is also a part of Nexia’s Marketing Committee. He is listed as a Certified Expert in Switzerland Global Enterprise’s pool of experts. With extensive knowledge across diverse industries, he regularly speaks at various forums.

Manoj actively propagates the importance of conveying our ethos in all facets of interactions we undertake. As the leader of SKP’s communications, branding, and administrative teams, he emphasizes on streamlining the communication and infrastructure to resonate our focus on customer-centricity, innovation, and collaboration.

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