The Team

Manoj Gidwani

Vice President - Global Marketing and Administration


Manoj heads the Marketing and Communication teams at SKP and is responsible for the Group’s overall marketing strategy and initiatives. He supports the various practices at SKP in maximising visibility and demand for their services, providing insights into how to effectively go to market. While focusing on brand building, he is constantly working towards developing strong relationships and expanding the Group’s network. He plays a lead role in connecting the practices with prospects and clients, helping them find tailored solutions to meet their business goals.

A Chartered Accountant by qualification, Manoj has over 20 years of experience in cross-border business. He has handled numerous business consulting assignments, providing pertinent investment guidance and advisory to global companies planning on setting up greenfield businesses in India. He has been instrumental in building relationships with companies from USA, UK, Germany and Japan, and has also helped several businesses with their international expansion plans.

Manoj is the Chairperson of Nexia International’s Business Group for Global Expansion and Financial Outsourcing. He is also listed as a Certified Expert in Switzerland Global Enterprise’s pool of experts. With extensive knowledge across diverse industries, he regularly speaks at various forums in India and abroad.

The 360-degree way of life

Manoj's skill stems from his thirst for innovation. He believes that to be the best he can be at his job, there is no set formula; he has to be able to think 'with' and therefore 'for' the client. No two businesses face the same challenges – the ability to understand their unique concerns and provide creative solutions has become Manoj's strength. Having been with SKP since he started his career as a trainee, he has consistently demonstrated commitment in all that he does.

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