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SKP was a proud supporter of International Fraud Awareness Week, observed from 15-21 November 2015. With the objective of spreading fraud awareness, we sent messages to clients, sharing information/tips on fraud response and guidance to clients on adopting a comprehensive fraud control framework in organisations. Following are some of the activities at SKP during Fraud Week.
  • We emailed informative articles on emerging approaches adopted by regulators in prosecuting corrupt intent.
  • We shared a postcard called, “Ethics is larger than Organisations and Leadership” with our key clients.
  • We shared the ACFE posters on 5 tips for fraud control within the organisation and with our key clients.
  • A customised India Post stamp with the Fraud Awareness Week logo was also shared with clients to help them share the message with others.
  • We also rolled out a Twitter campaign (with the #fraudweek) with informative facts such as 'Did You Know' postcards with tips to help conclude investigations and inspirational quotes on fraud awareness.
  • We designed a fraud awareness card, similar to a business card, which highlighted the fraud control framework that companies need to adopt. Our executives shared these with clients and provided insights on the initiatives taken during fraud week.
We hope your organisation joins us in the fight against fraud. Please feel free to write to us at for any further information.
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