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Advice on issues of claiming CENVAT credit to a leading company

Engagement: SKP was engaged by a leading company carrying out business in the core business segments of industry, energy, healthcare and infrastructure, etc. to advise on issues of claiming CENVAT credit. The company was engaged in manufacturing and provision of repairs and maintenance services to companies in India. In order to provide services, the company avails services from various input service providers based in India. The client had adopted a position that CENVAT credit could not be claimed on input services and accordingly, no credit was claimed by them.

Our team advised the company that credit could be claimed on input services. We assisted the company in collating data for the past 5-6 years and arrived at the amount that could be claimed as CENVAT credit in the books based on review of invoices, classification of services, ascertaining admissibility of credits based on the nature of services, etc.