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Helped a Swiss chemical company choose a structure for setting up in India

Engagement: A Switzerland-based company in the chemical industry wanted to set up a business unit in India. The company was trading with a business house in India with similar lines of business and it wanted to set up a unit that would serve as a replacement of their Indian trading partner.

The key challenges included:

  • Complexity in evaluating the appropriate business model for setting up a business unit in India
  • Applicability of various indirect taxes at every phase of setting up
  • Doing a cost-benefit analysis 


SKP provided the following solution to the client with a detailed report, based on which they could evaluate the various business models for setting up a business unit in India.

  • Provided an insight into indirect taxes in India
  • Summarised the provisions of the applicable taxes at every stage of setting up the business unit
  • Suggested the various business models that could be considered
  • Evaluated each business model based on the nature of the industry and the transactions proposed to be undertaken by the company
  • Provided a comparative analysis of business models and the applicable indirect taxes for each model
  • Evaluated the foreign trade policies and the benefits and restrictions laid down in these policies, which may apply to the company


Value Delivered
SKP provided the base for analysing the various options and the tax cost involved.  Based on SKP’s comparative analysis and detailed report, the client could devise the structure of the business unit they wanted to set up in India.