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10 June 2017

The much awaited Transitional Rules are out

6 June 2017

Updates in the run up to GST rollout

2 June 2017

Updates on GST rollout

23 May 2017

GST rates on services announced

19 May 2017

Taxation of services under GST

19 May 2017

Comparative analysis of the GST rules released on 1 April 2017 vis-à-vis rules as released on 18 May 2017

18 May 2017

Key decisions taken on Day 1 of the GST Council Meeting

16 May 2017

SKP GST Update: Updates on GST rollout​

4 May 2017

SKP GST Update: Latest developments in the run up to GST

24 April 2017

SKP GST Update: New GST Rules released by the CBEC