The Indian government’s 2017 National Health Policy deals with progressive universal healthcare for citizens, envisioning equitable health and well-being for all sections of society. The policy seeks to increase access and adoption, improve quality, and lower healthcare delivery costs in the country. The government has recognized the changing disease patterns in the country, the need to address the significant growing burden of non-communicable diseases, and the emergence of a robust and successful private healthcare industry. 

AdvaMed has partnered with SKP to publish this report entitled - Medical Device Industry in India: The evolving landscape, opportunities and challenges. The report also examines various policies and regulations impacting the industry and attempts to make recommendations on the way forward from the perspective of different stakeholders.

Topics covered under this report:

  • An overview of Medical Device Industry
  • Regulatory and Business  Environment
  • Make and Heal in India
  • Price Control Policy – Impact and Implications
  • Market 2020
  • Survey Findings
  • Case Studies

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