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Governance Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance

As businesses expand their operations, there is an increased focus on good governance and risk management in order to protect and create value for all stakeholders. Good corporate governance, strong risk management policies and a comprehensive compliance framework provide accurate and timely information to the management; thus, adding business value by improving operational decision-making and strategic planning. We review an organisation’s existing governance policy and help strengthen it.

Alongside, every organisation has various risks that must be assessed and managed in order to meet its goals and objectives. We assist the management in identifying and assessing gaps with respect to external, internal, regulatory and compliance risks in critical processes. We then help design systems to mitigate such risks and monitor progress. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations must also be ensured.

In addition, with increasing frauds in the business world, forensic reviews play an important role in monitoring and responding to potential risks. With access to forensic technology, we employ creative thinking and intelligent software to come up with future trends, analytics and actionable intelligence. We also support organisations in identifying the root cause, impact and perpetrators of fraud.

SKP Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Services