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Centre Of Excellence

Today’s organizations face considerable challenges posed by their complex and interdependent functions and processes which need to interact with and evolve for a dynamic environment. This challenge is more pertinent for multinational corporations that operate in or are expanding to diverse markets or geographies; wherein multiple teams are working at different levels of maturity and capability to propel global growth and profitability.

SKP’s Center of Excellence (CoE) services aim to provide globally sourced and locally relevant solutions that help clients achieve and sustain business excellence in a dynamic global environment.

What is a Centre of Excellence?
We define a Centre of Excellence as a business partner that supports frontline operations by guiding transformation and consistently driving improvement initiatives in line with current business and market dynamics.

More specifically, it provides leadership, best practices, research, support and training for a focus area by:

  • Defining a common set of best practices and work standards;
  • Assessing the maturity profile of the focus area against these best practices and work standards;
  • Providing guidance and support in implementing these best practices; and  
  • Introducing new tools and technologies to the relevant Business Units.

Role of a CoE

  • Bring innovation, transformation, and continual improvement in focus areas of the business;
  • Achieve and sustain functional excellence;
  • Harness and leverage knowledge, insights, and good practices that exist within the organization;
  • Achieve, maintain and enhance competitive advantage; and
  • Anticipate and prepare for future opportunities and challenges.

SKP’s Capabilities for CoE
Depending on clients’ needs and priorities, SKP can help set up and manage CoEs in the following domains:

  • Supply Chain
  • Commercial Operations
  • Sales / Customer Exeperience
  • Finance 
  • Manufacturing

Supply Chain

Supply Chain lies at the heart of company operations and is a key driver of competitive advantage, rather than a cost center.

SKP’s Operational Excellence practice helps clients be more competitive by keeping costs down and improving efficiency. We evaluate all areas of client operations and identify areas of improvement and optimization that will contribute to higher profitability and more value for stakeholders. The Operational Excellence practice specifically focusses on strategic areas of Supply Chain, including procurement, production, distribution, and demand forecasting. 

SKP brings its expertise in advising companies to develop solutions that push the boundaries in this rapidly evolving, critical business function.

Some of our services in the Supply Chain space include:

  • Procurement Models
  • Order to Cash Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Reporting and MIS
  • Network Design and Service Levels.

To know more, please visit our Supply Chain page.

Intelligent Automation And Accelerated Analytics (IA3)

Businesses are witnessing an exponential rise in data collected by their systems due to the convergence of unprecedented growth of smart and connected devices, improvements in computational and data processing power, and the emergence of new technologies. There is no doubt that data generation is going to continue at an accelerated rate creating enormous opportunities for organizations.

In the first wave of digitization, organizations automated their processes with an aim of reducing costs and increased efficiencies. Those solutions are bottlenecked at points where it needs human intelligence to take judgment-based decisions by interpreting data themselves.

Today organizations are witnessing the second wave of digitization where companies automate decision making leading to business optimization. While leaders today are fully aware of the future impact of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, they need partners who can enable them to identify business use case applicability so they can leverage the full potential of these technologies.

SKP has a deep domain understanding of businesses and Industry gained over our 50 years of experience in servicing clients. Our talented technology team has deep expertise in cutting-edge technologies like Behavioural Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The amalgamation of domain knowledge and experience of real-life business scenarios with insights generated by AI gives SKP an edge to create customized AI solutions for our clients.

Our customized AI solutions extensively leverage data residing in multiple places within an organization to discover insights of transformational value and to automate decision-making, which leads to:

  • Huge cost reductions
  • Improved business efficiencies
  • Higher profitability


When organizations make data-driven automated decisions, it saves valuable time of their best people

Ours is a new approach to automate insight discovery and intelligent decision-making leading to business optimization.

  • Define business problem: Identify business use cases and define or refine the problem
  • Data-sets: Identify and integrate various relevant data sources, cleanse, transform and create data sets
  • Data analytics: Identify and apply various analytical models specific to business case to discover insights
  • AI/ML Models: Develop AI/ML models using insight-based feature engineering to predict/measure the target variable
  • Experiments: Run lab-scale back-tests and field pilots to validate the model and also retrain with new data
  • Industrialization: Integrate proven models into the client’s workflow systems
  • Process re-engineering: Optimize and re-align business processes as necessary to deliver measurable benefits to the clients


Today’s business leaders are driving the positive change to become data-driven; fostering innovation at a higher pace in this digitized world. Let us connect to understand how best we can enable you in extracting maximum value for your business from cognitive capabilities of disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

For a snapshot of our services, click here.